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Regular inspections of your electrical wiring are key to ensuring safety and efficiency. We recommend a professional inspection every 3-5 years, or when adding new major appliances. Neglecting this can lead to potential hazards and inefficiency. For inspections and inquiries, call us at (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

A repeatedly tripping breaker can indicate overloaded circuits, short circuits, or a potential fault in the breaker itself. It’s a safety feature to prevent electrical fires. For a precise diagnosis and resolution, call Shockwave Generators & Electric at (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

Signs you may need rewiring include frequent breaker trips, flickering lights, burning smells from outlets, or outdated wiring. It’s crucial for safety and compliance. For a consultation, call us at (985) 790-9125 or Contact Us online.

Electrical maintenance encompasses inspecting, testing, and servicing electrical equipment and systems to ensure they operate efficiently and safely. This includes panel inspections, testing of safety systems, and checking for wear and tear. For maintenance services, call (985) 790-9125 or Contact Us online.

Consider upgrading your electrical panel if it’s over 25 years old, you’re experiencing frequent outages, or you’re adding significant new loads to your system. An upgrade can enhance safety and capacity. For advice and installation, call (985) 790-9125 or Contact Us online.

Common solutions include resetting tripped breakers, replacing faulty outlets, and correcting wiring faults. However, diagnosing and fixing electrical issues should be handled by professionals for safety. For expert assistance, call (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

First, check your breaker panel for any tripped breakers. If resetting them doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s time to call a professional. Avoid DIY fixes that can be dangerous. For professional help, call (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

Signs like electrical shocks, outdated outlets, aluminum wiring, or lack of GFCI outlets in wet areas suggest you might need rewiring. For a professional assessment, call (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

Common reasons include old or damaged wiring, overloaded circuits, water damage, and DIY wiring mistakes. Regular inspections and maintenance can prevent most issues. For diagnostics and repairs, call (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

Faulty wiring and overloaded circuits are among the most common issues, leading to potential safety hazards. Regular maintenance can identify and rectify these problems early. For maintenance or repairs, call (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

Unexpected spikes in your electricity bill can be caused by inefficient appliances, electrical leaks, or an outdated electrical system. A professional inspection can identify the root cause. For an energy efficiency audit, call (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

The lifespan of home electrical wiring can vary but typically lasts several decades. However, environmental factors and usage can affect its longevity. Regular inspections can ensure its continued safety and efficiency. For wiring assessments, call (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

Outlets should not feel warm to the touch. Warm outlets can indicate an electrical problem, such as an overload or loose wiring, and should be addressed immediately to prevent fire risks. For an inspection, call (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can be achieved through LED lighting upgrades, energy-efficient appliances, proper insulation, and smart thermostats. For energy-saving solutions, call (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.


Generators may start unexpectedly due to issues with the automatic transfer switch or a faulty control board. Power surges can also trigger unexpected starts. If your generator activates without a power outage, contact Shockwave Generators & Electric at (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online for diagnostics and resolution.

Yes, whole house generators are engineered to start automatically in the event of a power outage, thanks to an automatic transfer switch that detects power loss. Have questions about your generator’s auto-start features? Contact Shockwave Generators & Electric at (985) 261-0937 or via our Contact Us page.

Issues like low fuel levels, blocked air filters, spark plug problems, or malfunctioning batteries can cause generators to behave erratically. For diagnostics and repairs, trust the experts at Shockwave Generators & Electric. Call (985) 261-0937 or visit our Contact Us page for professional service.

Common barriers to generator startup include insufficient fuel, dead batteries, starter motor troubles, or clogged air filters. Shockwave Generators & Electric’s licensed electricians are on hand for a comprehensive evaluation and repair. Get in touch at (985) 261-0937 or through our Contact Us online form.

Before calling for help, check your generator’s fuel level, battery charge, air filter, and spark plug. If these steps don’t solve the problem, Shockwave Generators & Electric’s experienced electricians can provide the necessary assistance. Schedule a service at (985) 261-0937 or Contact Us online.

Resetting procedures vary by generator model. For accurate guidance or professional assistance, contact Shockwave Generators & Electric at (985) 261-0937 or reach out through our Contact Us online form.

To test your generator, first, switch off the main circuit breaker, start the generator, let it run briefly, then re-engage the main power and check for restored power. Need help or have questions? Shockwave Generators & Electric is just a call away at (985) 261-0937, or you can Contact Us online.

Check the fuel and oil levels initially. If the problem persists, it may require professional intervention. Shockwave Generators & Electric specializes in generator repair and maintenance. For expert service, call (985) 261-0937 or use our Contact Us online form.


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