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We are Commited to Excellence in Generator and Electrical Services in Houma, Louisiana and Beyond

Trust Shockwave Generators & Electric for prompt and reliable services in Houma, Louisiana, and surrounding areas.

With a focus on quality, integrity, and dependability, Shockwave Generators & Electric, LLC stands as a beacon of excellence in generator service, installation, maintenance, and electrical work. Serving Houma, Louisiana, and the expanded regions of Morgan City, Raceland, Thibodaux, and Lockport for years, our commitment is to 100% customer satisfaction. Our aim is to be your first choice among generator and electrical service providers in these communities. Discover more about our unmatched services.


We commit to delivering superior services and solutions, ensuring 100% satisfaction for our valued clients.


The Shockwave Generators & Electric team maintains the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behavior.


We proudly serve the communities of Houma, Morgan City, Raceland, Thibodaux, and Lockport, known for our reliable and trustworthy service.

Generator and Electrical Services Throughout Houma, LA and Surrounding Areas

For all your generator and electrical needs at home, look no further than Shockwave Generators & Electric.

Our mission is to deliver the finest customer service across Houma and its neighboring areas, providing transparent and cost-effective solutions to our valued clients. We understand the urgency of generator and electrical issues and are committed to easing the repair process with our expertise. Our reputation for reliability and trustworthiness in Louisiana is built on years of experience and dedication to excellence.

Our licensed, thoroughly vetted technicians are equipped to tackle all aspects of generator and electrical challenges. At Shockwave Generators & Electric, we are dedicated to transparent and fair pricing, ensuring a comprehensive explanation of any recommended work. We are committed to delivering high-quality service, ensuring our customers’ comfort and satisfaction. Contact us for all your generator and electrical needs.

What Generator and Electrical System Maintenance Looks Like


  • Verify generator start-up and system settings
  • Inspect and clean generator components for optimal efficiency
  • Test electrical connections and ensure safety switches function correctly
  • Check electrical panels and circuits for reliability
  • Service or replace air filters in ventilation systems
  • Evaluate overall system performance and efficiency


  • Prepare generator for winter, ensuring it’s ready for increased demand
  • Inspect heating elements in electrical systems
  • Test all electrical connections for safety and integrity
  • Lubricate moving parts in generators and electrical systems to prevent wear
  • Check and test backup power systems to ensure they’re operational
  • Inspect and maintain all electrical safety measures
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