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Ensuring Your Peace of Mind with Shockwave Generators & Electric

Investing in a Generac automatic home backup generator is a significant step towards securing uninterrupted power for your home. To protect your investment and ensure your peace of mind, understanding and managing your Generac generator’s warranty is crucial. Shockwave Generators & Electric is committed to assisting you through every step of this process, from initial purchase to routine maintenance and beyond.

Understanding Your Generac Warranty

Generac provides a robust warranty for its automatic home backup generators, covering various components and labor for specified periods. To fully understand the scope and limitations of your warranty, we recommend contacting Generac directly at 888-GENERAC (888-436-3722). Their dedicated customer service team can offer detailed information and answer any questions you may have.

Registering Your Generac Equipment

For your warranty to be effective and to ensure accurate coverage, it’s essential to register your Generac equipment promptly after purchase. Registration can be easily completed online at Generac Registration. This step not only activates your warranty but also serves as your proof-of-purchase in the event of an insurance claim due to fire, flood, or theft.

Benefits of Registering Your Generac Generator:

  • Validates your warranty coverage
  • Provides proof-of-purchase for insurance claims
  • Ensures you receive timely updates and product support

Why Regular Maintenance Seeking Warranty Service

Should you need warranty service for your Generac generator, the first step is to contact Generac directly or Shockwave Generators & Electric. As an authorized service provider, we can guide you through the warranty process and perform any necessary repairs under Generac’s warranty terms. Our factory-trained technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to address any issues, ensuring your generator is back to optimal performance swiftly.

Maintain Your Warranty with Regular Servicing

To keep your generator running reliably and to uphold your warranty, regular maintenance by a certified professional is advised. Shockwave Generators & Electric offers comprehensive servicing for Generac generators, adhering to Generac’s recommended maintenance schedule. This not only ensures your unit’s longevity and efficiency but also maintains your warranty’s validity.

For all your Generac generator needs, from warranty inquiries to servicing and repairs, Shockwave Generators & Electric is here to provide expert assistance. Trust us to keep your generator in top condition, offering you and your family security and comfort regardless of the weather.

Contact Shockwave Generators & Electric today to schedule your next service or for more information on Generac warranties and registration. Let us help you maximize your investment and enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

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